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Manufacturing & Export Bases

Fujian is a one of the largest Manufacturing & Export Bases in China. Its economy has developed steadily in recent years. Its industry is based mainly on light industry with a full range of industrial categories which include metallurgy, coal, machinery, electronics, textile, paper-making and tea-making. In 2008, Fujian’s GDP totals RMB 1,082.3 billion, ranking the 12th in the country. The population of permanent residents in Fujian amounts to 36.04 million, with per capita GDP at RMB 28,000.

According to the outline of Fujian's 11th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development, the province targets to increase its industrial value-added by an average of more than 12% annually to reach over RMB500 billion in 2010. The three leading industries of information, petrochemicals and machine building are envisaged to grow at an average annual rate of 20%, 18% and 15% respectively. The province will ultimately be built into an advanced manufacturing base in line with modern scientific development and the needs of a recycle economy.

HENGANThe construction of a state-level information base along the coast of Fuzhou and Xiamen will be expedited. Major efforts will be made to build five state-level industrial parks: Fuzhou (Mawei) for display parts, Fuqing for monitors, Xiamen for semi-conductor illumination systems, Quanzhou for micro-wave communication equipment, and Putian for LCDs. Priority will also be placed on developing the petrochemical bases at Meizhouwan and Xiamen Haicang, with emphasis on key projects such as refining and petrochemical integration, Xiamen's para-xylene and Shishi's purified terephthalic acid.


Meanwhile, key industries including automobile, shipbuilding, aircraft maintenance, engineering machinery, HENGANelectromechanical equipment and environmental protection facilities will be further promoted. In the automobile industry, emphasis will be put on enhancing the scale and level of cooperation with Taiwan automobile enterprises and forming strategic partnership with major local and overseas automobile corporations. Steps will be taken to further develop South East (Fujian) Motor and Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus. In shipbuilding, the construction of key projects such as Quanzhou Shipyard will be speeded up, with the aim of turning the province into one of the nation's major shipbuilding bases.

The province will also encourage the development of traditional industries with competitive advantages, including textiles and garment, shoe-making, construction materials, metallurgy, forestry and food processing.

New - and high-tech industries are another focus for development. The two national-level and five provincial-level high-tech development zones in Fuzhou and Xiamen will be used as bases for establishing some 100 new- and high-tech demonstration projects and 150 new - and high-tech enterprises with output exceeding RMB100 million. During the 11th Five-Year Plan period, output from new- and high-tech enterprises is projected to grow by over 20% annually and to take up a 30% share in the province's total exports. The major new- and high-tech industries to be developed include integrated circuit, software, optoelectronic, biotechnology, environmental protection and new materials.

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