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Featured Industries

Apparel Industry

Apparel IndustryIn recent years, all textile and apparel enterprises in Fujian Province have been committing to launching the plan of brand cultivation. Brand establishment started in the coastal areas in the east of the province, and there have gradually shaped up brand clusters with regional and industrial features. There have emerged well-known brands enjoying their high reputation as well-know brands at home and abroad, such as SEVEN NINETEEN SEVEN, k-boxing, SEPTWOLVES, Fordoo, edenbo, Tries, Ports, MINZE-STYLE. Over 50 kinds of products have won the title as "Fujian Province famous brand products", and 15 kinds of products were state-designated products exempt from quality (surveillance) inspection. In addition, a batch of enterprises have won such titles as "China Well-known Mark" and "Fujian famous brand" while various textile and apparel enterprises have won unusual glories in national assessments on enterprises in terms of competitiveness. Self-owned textile and apparel brands in Fujian have become the first choice for consumers through accumulation and careful management during many years and their comprehensive market shares have further increased. Therefore, preliminary effects of brand strategies have been seen.

Apparel IndustryMost textile and apparel industrial clusters in Fujian give priority to the regional economy of local countries and towns. They tend to have a high level of industrial concentration, relatively consummate matching utilities, fairly low production costs, distinct interactions between the industry and the market. Thus, the driving and interaction effects of such clusters are fairly obvious. For the moment, the textile and apparel industry in Fujian has already stepped into a new pattern of all-around development featured with prominent industrial clusters, complete industrial chains, enlarging enterprise scale, brilliant industrial characteristics, a great number of well-known brands, and enhanced competitiveness for the industry as a whole.

Light Industry

Light industry is an important part of the economy of Fujian, covering 44 divisions of 22 sectors. Light IndustryIn 2007 there are 6,277 light industry businesses of scale in the province, accounting for 42.2% of the total businesses of scale. The output value reached 168.37 billion RMB, taking up 32.98% of the total of Fujian, ranking the 6th in the country. The production of sports footwear, newsprint paper, Light Industrycan, plastic pipe, sanitary napkin, mercury, alkali and manganese-free batteries and 17g/ m² copying paper is rated high in the country. The light industry has 17 "Name Brands of China" and 216 " Name Brands of Fujian". Among the brands popular at home and abroad are Xingguang newsprint paper, Qingshan bag paper, NANFU battery, ANTA Sports footwear, Yinlu eight treasures porridge, ANERLE sanitary napkin, and Fuguiniao leather shoe; 75% of the light industry output value is generated in five major sectors, including shoemaking, art ware, plastic product, paper making, paper pulp making, and food, the scale of which rank the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 8th in the country respectively.

Fujian has developed a group of competitive and sizable light industry, Zhangzhou and Xiamen fruit, vegetable and edible fungi processing industry, coastal aquaculture product processing industry, Quanzhou casual food industry, Dehua porcelain industry, northwestern Fujian's integrated industry of forestry and paper making. The major sectors of Fujian's light industry rank high in the country in terms of industrial scale, level of equipment, ancillary system, brand image, sales network, and so on.

Machinery Industry

Machinery IndustryMachinery industry is one of the three pillar industries listed as a key sector of development in Fujian's "tenth five-year plan". By the end of 2007, Fujian had 2,436 machinery businesses of scale. The industrial output value of the year amounted to 207.142 billion RMB, ranking the 2nd among different industrial sectors, accounting for 15.7% of the industrial output value of the whole province. Fujian's output value of machinery industry ranked the 13th among different provinces and municipalities of the country; the value of export on delivery ranked the 6th place in the country, with the growth rate ranking 25th of the country. With regard to the output and sales of the major sectors of the machinery industry, electric machinery and equipment manufacturing saw the fastest growth; with the influence of the receding automobile market, however, the communications and transportation equipment manufacturing sector was on the decrease; the manufacturing sectors of special-purpose equipment, general-purpose equipment, metal ware and apparatus maintained a relatively rapid growth.

Electronic Information Industry

Electronic Information IndustryFujian has basically developed computer and computer peripheral industry clusters in Fuzhou, mobile communications industry clusters in Xiamen, digital video and audio products industry cluster in Fuzhou, Xiamen and Zhangzhou, as well as software business clusters, which are led by two software parks in Fuzhou and Xiamen respectively and specialize in applicable software development, completed with the development of middleware and embedded software. The software clusters cove 34 leading businesses in the field. The output value of the clusters accounted for about 80% of the total of the sector.

Electronic Information IndustryFujian plans to accelerate the R&D and manufacturing of micro-computers, digit communications products, 3C integrated products, chip resistors and capacitors, semi-conductor lighting and automobile electronics, accelerate the development of IC industry, especially the development of IC designing, and introduce the production line of 8-inch IC chip. Meanwhile, with carrying out of the "Digital Fujian" project, Fujian will make great efforts to develop software supporting the building of governmental information networks, and application software of telecommunication and finance sectors, with an aim to build information networks among the major businesses of the provinces.

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